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Always believe in your soul…

3 Aug

Ok ok I have been truly bitten by the Olympic bug and have on more than one occasion screamed myself hoarse and bawled as some Athlete from a country I haven’t even heard of takes to the podium…….and as for when Team GB get a medal well I am in floods!

All of this Olympics malarkey is of course another great excuse for wearing some metallics so I have put together a few of my favourite pieces (in Gold of course)


This yummy dress is from Asos for £65 but guaranteed to make you look like a winner on a big night out.

Not into dresses how about these bad boys from H&M for £24.99



I am also loving this Clutch from Warehouse which I think is a bargain at £22


And last but not least this amazing nail polish by Opi which contains real 18k gold flakes it is to be released soon and although I have heard rumours of a £23 price tag I think I may have to treat myself to this gorgeous looking stuff


I hope everyone is enjoying the games as much as me, I am very excited that the athletics has just started and can’t wait to scream some more at the TV and hopefully weep with joy for a few more members of Team GB!