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Going for Gold…

24 Jul

It’s not that I am not excited about the Olympics just more that so far the whole thing has rather passed me by and the only things I have been reading have been about security issues and other horror stories.


Well that was until I saw the advert on Channel 4 for the Paralympic Games I have a feeling I am going to be well and truly hooked.


If you haven’t seen their amazing advert called Superhuman I recommend taking a look this got me more riled up and ready than any Boris Johnson speech or stupid mascot.

It shows athletes with grit and determination and I for one cannot wait to watch Team GB grabbing all the gold at the Paralympics.


I will be waving the flag and screaming with all my heart and cannot wait till it starts on 29.08.12

Until then wish me luck for Friday as I am attempting my own Olympic sized feat of getting across London to get to Norwich at the weekend!

Does anybody have Paralympic or Olympic Tickets? What are you off to see? Or if you are watching it at home what is your favourite event?