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Whizzy Weekends…

13 Aug

I seem to have had a few weeks of not having enough time to do anything, although when I look back I don’t feel like I have got an awful lot done….sadly it has however meant I have rather neglected the blog, Sorry.

Anyway back to it and here is a little overview of my weekend:

I went to visit Mr B in Lincoln it was such a lovely weekend and I got to hear about Mr B’s Gliding Course which although he told me was amazing fun I don’t think I will be signing up for anytime soon!



Pictures taken from Mr B’s head cam the second is the right way up (aerobatics in a glider not my cup of tea)

Something that was my Cup of Tea however was the most beautiful little Tea Room in Fulbeck, we sat outside in the sunshine drank tea and ate Lincolnshire sausage and mustard sandwiches…lt was bliss!


We both have a bit of a soft spot for TK Maxx and found an amazing one that had all the sale items super cheap, I picked up a dress that wouldn’t usually be my style but for some reason I was drawn to the print……well turns out it was a Clements Ribeiro wrap dress for £11 the tag says it was originally £214 needless to say I snapped it up and I think it will be a lovely autumnal dress.

I really love the gorgeous bold print.


The weekend whizzed by and it was soon time to leave but of course not before one last cup of tea and a giant bourbon just to keep me going for the journey back on the train.


Luckily my journey back was pretty uneventful and I even got back in time for the Olympic Closing Ceremony. I am thinking I am going to try my luck at getting some Paralympics tickets or at least tickets to go to the Olympic Park even just to go up the steel tower have a look around.

I hope everyone had sunny fun weekends too…



Time Flies…

26 Jun

The days seem to rush by and I have had little time to think about blogging since getting back from my weekend away, but hopefully normal service shall resume shortly.

I did however have a wonderful weekend, full evening gown, gin and bumper cars what more could a girl need. Unfortunately I spent so much of the time enjoying myself I took very few photos but here are a few I did manage to take:


This is from the beginning of the night as you can see I did well with my glamourous placement right next to Mr B’s ironing board (he loves ironing, he’s definitely a keeper) The dress was very comfortable and I felt wonderful in it. Sadly I will never get to wear it again as the same people tend to go to these do’s so you can’t really wear the same dress twice, so it is off to the dry cleaners and then to be sold so somebody else can enjoy it as much as I did.

This next one is at about midnight so the face is a little shiny, the lipstick has gone and the eyes are a little squiffy although I think I still have a G&T in hand.


The theme of the evening was Best of Britain and there was amazing Music, Food and British themed props everywhere including a phone box, London bus and this prop that led to my favourite image of the evening.


There was due to be a spitfire display but because of the bad weather it was unable to fly but we were lucky enough to catch him practising the next day which was amazing because it felt like our own private showing.

After all that, my journey home on Sunday and the football in the evening (boo, hiss!) I am well and truly pooped and looking forward to next weekend which so far is set to be relaxing and full of not much at all……..Bliss!


A Weekend Off…

10 Jun

Strangely for my rather crazy hectic life at the moment I have found myself with a weekend off!

This is truly a rarity at the moment so what better way to spend it than doing one of my favourite things……..NOTHING!

I had a wonderful day yesterday looking after Doolallytat H’s little dude for a few hours and watching old Disney movies The Aristocats and Robin Hood. It is funny that in the world of Pixar and CGI these films still have the power to silence and amaze children into what I call a ‘Disney Trance’



The evening was spent catching up with one of my best mates having a good old gossip and eating yummy coconut brownies and of course drinking lots of Tea (I used to be quite Rock and Roll, but this is now my idea of a great evening, It is true I am getting old!)
You can find the recipe here.


As for today it is midday I am still in my Pyjamas and have so far managed a massive Bacon and Egg butty whilst watching David Attenborough documentaries…….Bliss!


So what is planned for the rest of my day?
I am thinking about a massive tidy of my mountains of stuff. Not all that relaxing I grant you but much needed and always a cathartic experience when it is done.

I guess I better get moving…………well maybe just one more Cup of Tea first!


Friday Finds…

27 Apr

What better way to spend my train journey up to see Mr B than scouring the Internet for wonderful lust worthy bits and bobs!

Firstly this beautiful Ottomon I have been dreaming about owning this gorgeous piece since seeing it on etsy:


I love everything in this image and although it wouldn’t work to keep the plant pot on top with my cat Bowski jumping around the place, I really love how this has been styled. Not to mention that beautiful sofa……Love Love Love.

The next thing I have my crafty sights set on is this amazing record cake stand. It is such a great recycling project not to mention the fun that could be had looking for food themed records……..like ummm……… The Monster Mash!?!? ok so not a great example but you get the point.


I have also stumbled across this amazing shop called A Two Pipe Problem They sell such yummy prints but this one is for sure my fav:


Well best start paying attention to what station is coming up I really don’t want to get lost.

Have a fantastic weekend you beautiful lot


Crafty and Cross Stitch Creations…

26 Apr

What a busy week what with work and then trying to find time between playing Draw Some there is very little time for crafting….


There is always time for crafting

Last night I started making the first few Doolallytat Jubilee Button rings and they are seriously as cute as……….well a button.


And then today Doolallytat’s H has been putting her hand to some cross stitch wonderfulness:


And I must say I am very impressed although apparently the back of the stitching is not quite as neat as the front! (no picture of the back was made available)

I am off to visit Mr B and going to a surprise party this weekend so I am hoping to get started on some crafty bits that can be finished on my train journey tomorrow. So if you happen to see a girl on a train sewing and drinking lots of tea it could very well be me.


Spontaneous Shenanigans…

22 Apr

This weekend saw the first of the weddings me and Mr B have been invited too so far this year. It was a lovely event and as it was a Military wedding so there were lots of uniforms on display which always makes it seem so special.

We didn’t take too many photos as we were too busy dancing to the amazing band who played all sorts of soul and Motown hits!

But here is one of us looking a little squiffy towards the end of the night:


My dress was so comfy and my shoes only started to attack my feet at the end of the night although luckily I had packed my trusty Rollasole Flats which I highly recommend.

The wedding took place Near Eastbourne and although we had an amazing breakfast at a cafe in the town there wasn’t much else to do in the town on a Sunday. So completely on a whim me and Mr B decided to go to London!

We went to one of our Fav restaurants Cha Cha Moons where they have the most amazing chicken dumplings ever….


We also saw a man in carnaby street go up and tell a complete stranger how gorgeous she looked, in his words ‘just because I thought you should know’

And of course saw all those crazy, brave and fit enough who ran the London Marathon. Congratulations to you all.

Now after all that time for a lay down and a cuppa!


More Weekend…

12 Feb

Come on just one more day pleeeeease!

Ok, I know we all get that Sunday afternoon feeling when we remember we have to go back to work and it won’t be long till the weekend is a distant speck (Until Thursday when we can all start to get a little excited again) but this weekend really did go so fast!

We went to see The Muppets on Saturday and it was truly amazing they have lost none of their charm and the Human Roles played by Jason Segel and Amy Adams were amazing! as well as all the other cameos that The Muppets are famous for. We highly recommend this film but suggest you wear water proof mascara as both us doolallytat gals laughed till we cried on several occasions.

Check out the trailer below:

I have an exciting week ahead starting a new job and hopefully getting to meet lots of new lovely people. It is always exciting the first week finding out what people do in their spare times and hopefully making new friends.

All I have left to do is pick out a first day outfit (I am thinking something smart but bright) and try and get an early night (hope I can sleep!)

I hope that whatever your weeks bring whether it be a new start or an ongoing project that you are filled with creativity and remember next weekend is only 5 days away (but don’t wish them away!)