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Meeting A Hero!

31 May

I am not a lucky person I don’t tend to win competitions and I think the last time I won the lottery it was £10 in 2001 but a few years ago I signed up to a website called Applause Store after hearing you could apply for free tickets to watch all kinds of shows being filmed.

The concept it pretty simple you sign up and apply to see certain shows and if you are lucky you get chosen and can go along and be “The Audience” in some amazing shows…….If you are lucky

Well I was very very very lucky and managed to get free tickets to my favourite TV show of all time QI not only was this enough to make me do a little happy dance I then realised I would get to see the amazing Stephen Fry in the real (air punch!)


It was an amazing day all round Me and Mr B met up in St James Park and had a lovely time looking at all the weird and wonderful wildlife including a rather cranky Heron and a couple of monstrous Pelicans (who’s beaks can hold more that their belly can) then on to Wagamamas for some lunch from their new Sushi menu


So pretty and yummy too!

We then went to join the queue which was already quite long when we get there ( they send out more tickets than seats as they want a full audience, if you are late you won’t get in) luckily after a lot of waiting around we went in to the studio and saw the familiar desks and met our host Mr Fry and the panel for that show; Katy Brand, Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and of course Alan Davies.

I thought I was going to Pee my pants when I heard the theme music!

We had a wonderful time and I recommend it to anybody, it is quite amazing to see how the filming of these shows work ( 2 hours of filming for a 30 minute show!)

There was no photography in the studio but Mr B managed to snap this as we left


I hope you are all ready for your Jubilee weekend and have your bunting up ready



Super Easy DIY Doily Bunting

30 May

I’ve gone bunting mad at the moment and thought I would show you a super easy DIY bunting that takes literally 10 minutes to make maybe a little longer depending on what glue you use.

What you will need:

– Paper Doilies
– String I used Red and White Twine
– PVA Glue

First take you Doily


Then fold in half making a crease


Then taking your PVA Glue run a line of glue along the crease


Then lay your string along the glue line


Fold the doily in half pressing along the glued crease continue until you have the length of bunting you need then leave to dry i dried mine by hanging on the trees in the garden as the weather is so nice at the moment….and Voila Doily bunting perfect as a quick decoration for all sorts of occasions.





Guess what…’s

25 May

Photo Friday!













Don’t Rain On My Parade…

23 May

The sun is shining at long last and I am getting all my hopes up that I may even get to wear some of my Summer wardrobe at the weekend.

Thankfully the weather decided to be on my side last weekend as I was very honored to get a ticket to The Queens Diamond Jubilee Armed Forces Muster. Mr B was marching in the parade and got to march past the Queen (I was a very proud girl)

I also made myself a special Jubilee/London themed hat for the occasion and although I didn’t manage to get very many good pictures due to being armed only with my Iphone camera here are some of the pictures I managed to take and some courtesy off the wonder BBC coverage of the day:





The Queen looked really gorgeous in Turquoise and it was pretty amazing to be in the live audience of one of her speeches.
There was also a Tri Service fly past which was truly amazing including Mr B’s old aircraft the Chinook and the ever awesome Red Arrows.

And before I forget here is the hat I wore:


I got a lot of lovely comments about it and made sure I waved my flag with pride all day.


Lemon Bunt Cake is Actually Quite Yummy!

19 May

So as the title explains I am not a lover of Lemon Cake but the Hubby is and as it was his Birthday I thought Ok let’s give him a special treat and make him a Lemon Bunt Cake (lol). I decided to freestyle the recipe and do you know what it really was very nice. Even me a non Lemon Cake eater liked it actually really liked it!

So here’s the recipe give it a go and let me know what you think…..

8 ozs Plain Flour
2 Level Teaspoons Baking Powder
6 ozs Caster Sugar
Finely Grated Rinds of 2 Lemons
Juice of the 2 Lemons
1 Teaspoon Vanilla Essence
2 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Milk

Cook for around 35 mins on gas mark 3 or 175c but check by sticking in a knife near the end of the cooking time if it comes out clean it’s cooked if not give it a bit longer.

As always I put all the ingredient into a mixer but if you want to do it properly make sure you mix the butter and sugar together first,then the wet ingredient then the flour and baking powder.

For the topping

5 Tablespoons Icing Sugar
Juice of 1 Lemon
Drop of yellow food colouring
Yellow Sprinkles

You need to make sure the cake is cooled properly before applying the topping I just drizzled the topping over the cake looked quite pretty but if you want it to cover the cake in icing I suggest doubling the topping recipe.



Photo Friday

18 May

Us Doolallytat Girls love our Ipad 2’s makes life so much easier than getting the old laptop out. I love the fact you dont have to wait ages for it to turn on…unlike my laptop. That its nice and light and doesn’t feel like its going to burn a hole in my leg…unlike my laptop, and that the screen is so sharp…unlike my laptop.

The thing im slightly disapointed in is how bad the camera on it is unless you take a photo in full beam daylight I feel the photos have a tendency to look really grainy. I know the new and improved iPad has a nice zingy camera so they must have known the camera wasn’t all that great on the iPad 2, but hey if they didn’t make things better each time who would buy the new one!

I regularly use Snapseed to sharpen up my photos and most of the time what was a not so great a photo turns into something that can sometimes even look quite good. This week I discovered the joy that is Instagram and I’m now I’m back in photo taking mode and have been taking pictures of everything and anything.

So I thought that maybe the Doolallytat Girls would start a new post on a Friday called wait for it…… Photo Friday so without further ado….. Drum roll please for the first Photo Friday…





We hope you enjoyed just a taste of what hopefully will become Photo Friday and have inspired you to have a photo fabulous weekend.


A Shabby Chic style kitchen ooh yes please….

16 May

I am getting super excited, everyday I am coming closer to having a new kitchen and extension added to our Home Sweet Home. At the moment my kitchen is a bright shocking pink which is the colour I wanted (I know not everyone’s taste) and the kitchen cupboards were here when we moved in which are not my taste at all.


But the new kitchen means time for a change I’m going country shabby chic yummyness in my head it looks amazing the hubby laughs, I’m one of those people who likes to imagine the finished project not the chaos which comes in between. As at some point I’m going to loose half my kitchen including the kitchen sink when a wall gets knocked down yikes! And that is why I like to concentrate on the finished product.

Choosing a kitchen was a bit of a nightmare and pushy sales people really aren’t my bag. I believe if someone is going to buy something they will do it because they like it not because a sales person is trying to flog it to them. I have very little patience with people like this I know that they are only trying to do a job but the hard sale is never going to work with me, and don’t even get me started on some of the people who we had round to quote for the building work!.

Anyway moving forward now the fun bit….I have already decided I want a range cooker something like this lovely Rangemaster.


A Smeg fridge freezer I’m thinking a pink one but then I do like the minty green one too.


I’ve decided on a ceramic sink instead of a stainless steel one I was originally going for a butler sink but then I had to have real wood work tops and by all accounts they take quite a lot of looking after oiling and sanding and the chance of me burning a hole in it is pretty high.

And then the really exciting bit I love old furniture and am trying to fill the house with furniture which has had a life before it comes and lives with us. I’ve done pretty well so far in the rest of the house with a huge amount of nitromores, elbow grease, time and a bit of paint and voila it’s given me these beauties….


So I’m really hoping I will be able to find a nice old pine country style dining table and a dresser or two im sure in the coming weeks you will be hearing more about my renovation adventures… Wish me luck!