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You and me and G and T…

31 Jul

I had the pleasure of going on a little lunch excursion with some of my colleagues today, sadly because one of the lovely ladies was leaving this did however involve some amazing Thai food and the discovery of a little pub in Brighton called The Office that serves over 30 types of Gin!!!!


Now I have to admit I haven’t always been a Gin fan and would have been more likely to be seen with a bottle of beer!

But now I love nothing more than a G n’ T with lots of ice and a slice of lime. My favourite has always been Bombay Sapphire and The beautiful bottle has always made it feel a little bit special.


I am however already planning a trip back to The Office with Mr B to try out some of their amazing selection including this gorgeous offering and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the gorgeous art work on the bottle ever seen seeing it:


I am not sure we will manage all 30 in one in visit but what a great excuse for another trip!



Going for Gold…

24 Jul

It’s not that I am not excited about the Olympics just more that so far the whole thing has rather passed me by and the only things I have been reading have been about security issues and other horror stories.


Well that was until I saw the advert on Channel 4 for the Paralympic Games I have a feeling I am going to be well and truly hooked.


If you haven’t seen their amazing advert called Superhuman I recommend taking a look this got me more riled up and ready than any Boris Johnson speech or stupid mascot.

It shows athletes with grit and determination and I for one cannot wait to watch Team GB grabbing all the gold at the Paralympics.


I will be waving the flag and screaming with all my heart and cannot wait till it starts on 29.08.12

Until then wish me luck for Friday as I am attempting my own Olympic sized feat of getting across London to get to Norwich at the weekend!

Does anybody have Paralympic or Olympic Tickets? What are you off to see? Or if you are watching it at home what is your favourite event?


Fan Stitchin’

18 Jul

I have always loved the quaint Home Sweet Home cross stitch you see in people’s homes and I am in love with a beautiful Sampler that Mr B’s Mum has in her house, but I have never really tried cross stitch for myself at least not since first school.

Doolallytat H took it up a few months back and has been really enjoying it and after looking at one of her cross stitch magazines (we are both so rock and roll) I decided I would give it a go.
And well dear reader I MAY BE HOOKED!


I couldn’t believe how calming it was I just sat in a big comfy chair with a cup of tea listening to some great music and did a bit of lettering:


I know it is not exactly great or exciting but it wasn’t bad for a first attempt. I then decided to look online for some inspiration and I was not disappointed.

Firstly this amazing sampler style pattern from the amazingly named Granniepanties


How amazingly cool is that!? And then just when I though cross stitch couldn’t get cooler, I found this on Flickr by Doaflip


Now any of you Spaced fans will know this is one of the amazingly funny quotes from the show and as soon as I saw it I knew I had to give one a go for myself.

I decided to go for a simpler design as it was only really my second attempt at a pattern and then I just had to decided out of all the quotes that I love from the show which one I would immortalise in thread……
And here it is in all it’s Spaced Geeky Glory:


This is one of my favourite quotes from the show not least because Mr B is always saying it to me when I am waffling.

I think I may do an Anchor Man one next think of the quotable cross stitch possibilities!


Photo Friday….

13 Jul











The Week Of Chaos

12 Jul

After a week of chaos which saw a leak into my sitting room because there had to be a massive downpour as the builders removed my flat roof.


A near broken foot after slipping on a dog water bowl spill as I got up quick to answer the door, at some points a house full of 8 workman, pulling up carpet and floorboards for the electrician only to be told he didn’t expect me to do it, a hard time removing the wallpaper from the kitchen walls ready for the plasterer, a cat escaping a dog running out the front gate a two year old who wants to play with the builders tools and the whole house looking like a bombs hit it I’m pretty much over this having stuff done to your house malarkey!

On a plus point I am so happy with how it’s taking shape the guys working at the house couldn’t be nicer they have been a pleasure to have around which I don’t often say about having any workman at the house. The poor guys have managed amazingly considering this lovely rainy British July we are having and are only running a day behind schedule so I am super pleased.


I’ve also continued on my search for furniture and have managed to get my hands on a pine farmhouse table with 6 chairs just like I wanted. We go collect it on Friday and I am super excited I’ve got plans to paint the bottom of the table but leave the top pine and do the same with the chairs.

Doolallytat JJ has made a brilliant start on the arm chair now the job of finding some fabric and the tall table has been rubbed down, undercoated and is ready for its top coat.


The weekend is going to be building steps from the extension down to the garden out of sleepers so keep your fingers crossed for some sunshine. Then next week the mammoth task of painting the walls that is if the plaster has dried out and if I can find a nice chalky white paint!.

Wish me luck!


Secondhand Love….

5 Jul

I am so excited I’ve been on a search for furniture for the new kitchen/dining/living room or the family room as I’m going to call it for ease and I have been super lucky as I’ve managed to lay my hands on these beauties….

The first is an arm type chair which I fell in love with it needs reupholstering but us Doolallytat girls are always up for a challenge. I need to find some fabric but we decided it can’t be stripy or have a pattern that needs to be matched, to hopefully make the job of reupholstering a little bit easier. I’m also going to rub down the wood and give it a lick of antique white paint.
(Any tips on reupholstering would be greatly received In the comments section)



Next up is my tall plant table which I’m going to use hopefully to put a vase on as a household with cats, I have issues with the little monkeys knocking over vases so I thought getting a tall table which isn’t big enough for the cats to jump onto might just work. (I will let you know how that goes!). I’m going to rub it down and paint it antique white and give it a distressed shabby chic look.



And my favourite this gorgeous glass dresser, I feel a little bad about this one as someone has already painstakingly spent quite a bit of time doing this piece up. Unfortunately I really want the furniture to be antique white so will have to give it a lick of paint but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous glass in this dresser, a great place to store teacups and glasses. I’m also going to have a search for some different handles.


And last but not least these super cute hares too sweet to leave behind!



So with some lovely projects to be getting on with us Doolallytat girls are going to be busy busy busy we will let you know how each project goes.

Family Rules!

4 Jul

On my ever constant search for cool decorating ideas, I came across the lovely idea of family rules. These are basically a list be it silly or sensible of rules for your family to live by. Now my household is a crazy one so I thought what better than creating our own set of family rules.

Take a look at this little lot for inspiration (or just go and buy….all for sale on wonderful Etsy)

Ashlie Jenson

Signs of Vintage

Epiphanys Corner

Now which rule shall I start with!