Back With A Bump!

28 Jun

So after a gorgeous week sunning ourselves in the beautiful island of Minorca the holiday literally ended with a bumpy landing into Gatwick Airport due to this wonderful British summer that we are having, a lost buggy which after a lot of messing around and an hour and fifty minutes later with a very tired little dude we were told it never made it on the plane (could the people of Thompsons not tell us that whilst we were waiting for our luggage!). Luckily we had a super friendly taxi driver who happily waited for us. Then it was home to my building site of a garden (which I will tell you all about another day).


Anyway back to Minorca we stayed in the really pretty area Binibeca Vell in a gorgeous villa with a pool and the sea just a stones throw away. There is a little village that looks like it has a story to tell, and it has! Even though it looks like it has been there years and years it is a relatively new development. It has gorgeous winding tiny cobbled streets and seems to have a good mixture of locals and tourists who live and stay in them.




We visited some beautiful beaches and rocky coves ideal for snorkelling and more fish swimming around than I think I have ever seen (might have had something to do with the bread I was feeding them) The food was delicious the locals were very friendly and were happy for any words that you tried to speak to them in Spanish i even managed to teach the little dude to say hello goodbye and thank you and nearly count up to five in Spanish and the sangria,beer and local cocktail Pomada weren’t bad either!.




So now as I write looking out onto the extension on the house beginning to take shape, my tan fading thinking about how long my to do list is, the beautiful Island of Minorca seems like a distant but wonderful memory.



One Response to “Back With A Bump!”

  1. Long2shop June 28, 2012 at 11:23 am #

    Pics are lovely , I went there many many moons ago… rememebr having a lovely time with mates Julie and Brenda. Sounds like you had a super time … hope pushchair enjoed it’s longer stay! xx

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